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Benefits of becoming a Gamification Awards Sponsor

  • Become a sole sponsor of an award in your area of expertise
  • Be exposed and have your company visible to our audience through the website and our social media
  • Boost your credibility as a leading expert  in your field
  • Opportunity to support excellence worldwide
  • Take part in our interviews and feature on our blogs and social media channels
  • Potential of new business leads and access to a database of participants
  • Discover new innovative ideas which are original and creative in thinking
  • Show that you are involved and active within the community

THE 2019 Gamification AWARDS Sponsors

Creative Bloom Sponsor the Sustainability Award

Creative Bloom

For 2019 Creative Bloom will be sponsoring the The Gamification for Sustainability Award.

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THE 2018 Gamification AWARDS Sponsors


​SelfDRVN sponsored the Outstanding Gamification Rookie at our 2018 Awards


​ChainCubed sponsored the Outstanding Gamification Software Award at our 2018 Awards


​PlayVisit sponsored the Outstanding Gamification Research at our 2018 Awards

Gamification Nation

Gamification Nation sponsored the Outstanding Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity Award at our 2018 Awards


3radical sponsored the Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement at our 2018 Awards

​Growth Engineering

Growth Engineering sponsored the Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning at our 2018 Awards

THE 2017 Gamification AWARDS Sponsor

​ made the 2017 awards possible with their platform enabling all the Gamification Gurus to vote

​The Gamification Awards - 2019

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Previous Awards

We have run the awards in association with Gamification Europe Conference since 2017. In 2019, it is the first year the awards are being run as a separate experience. 


​​Sponsors for the 2019 edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​are still being hand-picked.​​


​​Our ​esteemed judges are the keen eyes ​that help us work out who the rising stars in the gamification industry are.​