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The Gamification Awards Winners 2018

​The 2018 edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​were hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands.​ It ran at the same time as ​Gamification Europe​ and ​​future events will be taking place separately from the conference.

THE 2018 Gamification AWARDS ​Winners

Winners Badges

Outstanding Gamification Rookie

​Our aim for the Outstanding ​Gamification Rookie award has been to motivate gamification professionals that are new to the industry to be part of our community. An industry that does not attract new people will eventually wither away and we don’t want that to happen. This award ​went to the individual or company that joined​ the industry in 2018 and managed to deliver an outstanding project or spread the word about gamification far and wide.

2018 Winner

2018 Runner Up

2018 Gamification Rookie Sponsor

Outstanding Gamification Software 

​The ​Outstanding Gamification Software Award​​​​ category​ aimed to showcase the best platforms for implementing gamification and making an impact on organisations and people.

2018 Winner

2018 Runner Up

2018 Gamification ​Software Sponsor

Outstanding Gamification Research

​Our 2018 Award for ​Outstanding Gamification Research aimed to recognise the research that enhanced the educational, commercial and general usage of gamification. Research is all about making sure that we document what worked well and what didn’t. That is very important for a developing industry like gamification and crucial in the relationship between practice-based research and science-based research.

2018 Winner

2018 Runner Up

Framework for Design of Personalised Gamification

​2018 Gamification Research Sponsor

Outstanding Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity

​The ​Outstanding Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity ​Award ​​​aimed to recognise an individual or team's contribution and impact in promoting and improving accessibility, inclusivity and diversity through applied gamification. 

2018 Winner

​Living Story

2018 Runner Up

Games for Peace - Arabia Felix in Yemen

​2018 Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity Sponsor

Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement Award ​

The 2018 Award for ​Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement award will go to a marketing project that displays the power of gamification in spreading a company’s message to a wide audience. We want to see impressive engagement and clear impact from the campaign.  

2018 Winner

2018 Gamification Project in Audience Engagement Sponsor

Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning Award

This award seeks to recognise excellent use of gamification that has achieved a sustainable, measurable and positive impact for learning.

2018 Winner

2018 Runner Up

​Roots Gamification Impact

​2018 Gamification Project in Learning Sponsor

Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 1

Today, I am delighted to announce the Outstanding Gamification Awards presented by Gamification Europe. I am also privileged and honoured to be asked to chair and be a judge for this year’s award.

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Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 2

Last time, we kicked off this award by outlining the 7 categories of awards this year and specifying the submission requirement. Today, it’s time to dive into the details and talk about how you can win. 

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Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 3

The Outstanding Gamification Awards: Part 3—The Grand Finale Over the past couple of weeks, we have kick-started the open submission for these Outstanding Gamification Awards.

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The Outstanding Gamification Awards Finalists 2018

After approximately 3 weeks of scoring and hard work, my esteem panel of judges have finally chosen the finalists for the Outstanding Gamification Awards 2018 (OGA). 

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