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Our Judges

 In 2018 we asked the winners of the 2017 awards to be judges the next year...

​Pete Jenkins

CEO of The Gamification Awards...

​"Our judging panel is formed of leading Gamification experts in the gamification industry. By becoming a judge, you ​are​ recognised as one of the top minds in the gamification field. We'd love to have you involved as a judge. Contact me to find out more."

Benefits of being a Gamification Awards Judge

  • Gain recognition as a leading expert in your field
  • Maximise your PR potential - being a judge is a great achievement
  • Have your name and company promoted by our Social Media machine
  • Be part of the judging panel and process
  • Discover the latest and exciting initiatives in your field
  • Take part in our interviews and be featured in videos across our social media and website
  • You will become further established in your industry as a leader
  • It's lots of fun to be involved!

THE Gamification AWARDS Judges

Stu Davies

Representing Creative Bloom, sponsor of the 'Outstanding Gamification for Sustainability' 2019.

David Greenfield

Dr David Greenfield is the Managing Director of SOENECS, the independent environmental research and innovation practice he set up in 2014. He will be judging the 'Gamification in Sustainability' Award 2019.

Elena Bakhanova

Elena Bakhanova is an early career researcher at the PERSWADE Center of the University of Technology Sydney, Australia. Elena will be judging the 'Gamification in Sustainability' Award 2019.

​Representing Growth Engineering, sponsor of the '​Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning' 2018.

Ercan Altug Yilmaz

Altuğ is the Turkish Pioneer of Gamification for Turkey. He will be judging the 'Outstanding Gamification for Sustainability' Award 2019.

Claire Potter

Claire Potter

Claire Potter is the founder of claire potter design – an award-winning circular economy design and research studio based in Brighton, UK.  Claire will be judging the 'Gamification in Sustainability' Award 2019.

​Rachel Swann

Representing 3radical, sponsor of 'Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement', 2018.

​Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification Software' in 2017.

Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification Agency' in 2017.

​Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification ​Research' in 2017.

​Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification Guru', 'Oustanding Gamification Community' and 'Outstanding Gamification Project' 2017.

Members of the 2017 'Gamification Guru Scorecard'

​During the first edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​(back when they were still a part of ​Gamification Europe​) the judges were comprised of the top members of the 'Gamification Guru Scorecard'. ​



Being a judge for The Gamification Awards was both a pleasure and a privilege; far too often we hear the theory and what people aren't doing right.

The Awards, however, demonstrate just how diverse gamification is; showcasing many manifestations and applications that have a real world global impact.

Successful usage of gamification for measurable, quantifiable outcomes is alive and well, and being used for genuine, commercial benefit.

Results showed the why, not just the how, and judging the awards was a great reaffirmation of the industry.

​The Gamification Awards - 2019

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Previous Awards

​​We have run the awards in various forms since 2017. 2019 is the first year ​the awards are being run as it's own event.​


​​Sponsors for the 2019 edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​are still being hand-picked.​ ​


​​Our ​esteemed judges are the keen eyes ​that help us work out who the rising stars in the gamification industry are.​