The Gamification Awards Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for The Gamification Awards?

  • To enter you will need to submit a written presentation that answers the criteria for the category you are entering
  • The nomination should be clear and easy for the judging panel to read
  • Entering more than one category is allowed
  • All submissions are acknowledged on receipt
  • The closing date for nominations is available on each awards category on the Awards Categories page
  • Our judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • Winners will be announced at the awards virtual event which will be featured on each awards category on the Awards Categories page
  • Award winners are authorised to state in advertising/promotional activity and on their branded documents that they are winners but this must include the category and the year in which the Award was won
  • Winners may request a copy of the Award logo from us
  • The shortlist committee and the panel of judges welcome all relevant materials that act in support of an entry and help the judges arrive at their final decision. Examples of these might include: press cuttings; letters or personal recommendations from employers, colleagues or peers; published papers; or Awards you have previously won
  • For the purposes of marketing we require a high-quality photograph of the nominee, provided as a 300 dpi high-resolution jpeg sent via email to

What do I need to do?

1. Press the Apply Now button on the relevant category page that will take you to the awards submission platform
2. Register to the awards which will then give you access to the submission form
3. Choose the category you want to compete in (a separate submission is required for applications to other categories)
4. Your submission is to be filled in via the form on our submission platform. Instructions on what you will need to submit are on each header of the submission form. Your submission can be completed in stages and saved as a draft before your final submission. 
5. Fill in all the details required in the submission form
6. Deadline to submit entries are shown on each award category

Can I include a video presentation as part of my submission?
Yes you can - include any links in the submission form.

Which category should I enter?
Ensure to read through the judging criteria for each award to establish which award may be best for you.

Judging criteria
Judging criteria for each award can be found on the
Award Categories page.

How will I be judged?
There will be two phases in the judging process.

1. Phase one includes a popular vote on your submission and a vote from the judges that will be both taken into account in order to decide on 3 submissions from every category that will be the finalists. If you make it to the finalists you will get an email explaining what you need to do and if not you will get an email informing you about that as well. 

2. Phase two includes voting from the judges only and the results will be announced ​and trophies will then be sent out to the winners.

How many categories can I enter?
You are allowed to enter as many categories as you like for The Gamification Awards. A separate submission will be required for each category. 

How much does it cost to enter The Gamification Awards?
The Gamification Awards cost £49.00 per award.

Who were the previous winners of The Gamification Awards?
A list of our previous winners can be found on our
Previous Awards page.

Can I sponsor an award?
Yes - to read the benefits of becoming a sponsor of the The Gamification Awards and take a look at our previous sponsors visit our
Sponsors page.

If you have anymore questions that you'd like to ask then contact us by clicking on the link below.

​The Gamification Awards - 2019

​Interested in learning more about our upcoming 2019 event?​

Previous Awards

​​We have run the awards in various forms since 2017. 2019 is the first year ​the awards are being run as it's own event.​


​​Sponsors for the 2019 edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​are still being hand-picked.​ ​


​​Our ​esteemed judges are the keen eyes ​that help us work out who the rising stars in the gamification industry are.​