Minions Excited

The time has come for us to announce our finalists for the Gamification in HR Award 2019!

We had some fantastic entries to the awards and the judges were blown away by the creativity and determination of all the applicants. Again, we would like to apologise for the wait, we wanted to make sure our judges had enough time to give each application the time and attention they deserve.

So… without further ado… your 2019 finalists!

The Gamification Awards Gamification in HR Award Finalists

  • BMW Digital Discovery Space by Playful Solutions - The Digital Discovery Space is a training multiplayer experience developed for BMW's training centre in Munich, Germany in 2019. We wanted to create an immersive experience at the BMW headquarters, that focuses on the impact and usage of data analytics and big data for BMW employees. By gamifying the data processes, we went beyond teaching the data models to the users and aimed to make the processes tangible and directly experienceable. On top of that, the players have to solve the fictitious challenge in a group, as the skill to work well in a team is a success factor in reality, as well.
  • Alior Bank - Alior Bank introduced a new acting strategy for years 2018-2020 that’s called “Cyfrowy Buntownik – which translates to Digital Rebel”. This strategy includes the implementation of a new Leader Model in Alior Bank.

    Project Leader Academy 3.0 is an answer to the development needs in the area of leadership and personal competences. The project lasts 18 months and includes every Branch Director (250 people). They have devised an amazing programme that has managed to engage participants for 18 months in a very hard to involve target group. 
  • PentaQuest - PentaQuest uses gamification to help organisations perform better. They provide bespoke and off-the-shelf gamified platforms in addition to consulting services, giving them the flexibility to apply their tools in solving a range of organisational performance and cultural challenges. PentaQuest's client was seeking a platform to engage staff in professional development and performance management. The current performance management system was paper-based and engaged with only as a mandatory requirement every 6 months. The department wanted an engaging and interactive tool to increase engagement.

Our judges are honoured to be judging all the entries. They are scattered across the world working hard to submit their scores ready to announce the winners of the award categories!

We’d personally like to say a HUGE congratulations to our finalists of the Gamification in HR Award. We hope you are as excited as we are to be announcing this and we now can’t wait to see who our judges crown as their winners!

Of course, we would also like to say congratulations to all the entries to our award categories this year. We’re so thrilled we get to see new and existing gamified projects being entered into the awards and love all of your determination and excitement for the gamification industry!


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