Interview with Andrew Lau from Think Codex

20th November 2019


We caught up with another of our previous winners of The Gamification Awards, Andrew Lau from Think Codex!

Think Codex is a multiple award winning gamification organization. In 2018, Think Codex won the Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning Award… read our interview below with Andrew Lau and hear about how winning the award  has changed their business for the better and his advice to anyone curious of entering our Awards!


Would you be able to give us a bit of background about Think Codex?

Think Codex is a multiple award winning gamification organization that develops gamified solutions focused on behaviour change to bring business results.

Can you tell us what a regular day is like working for Think Codex?

With half of our team being gamification designers, we are constantly in design meetings, or learning new ways gamification can be applied. We love to play both physical games (board, card) and digital games (console, computers) just to have fun and also learn how great games behave.

We are also constantly conversing with clients on upcoming projects and also partners around the SEA region on how we can assist them to better bring value.

What made you decide to enter the Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning award in 2018?

We’ve always believe that we aim to be a global gamification organization, and one of the key criteria is to put ourselves out there among the best in the world. With the support of our clients we’ve managed to win most of the country level awards within 2.5 years of the conception of the company. So the next logical step was to push us further a go for our first global award, which so happens to be the Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning Award in 2018.

How do you think gamification can help with learning and development? What challenges have you faced in applying gamification to this?

We’ve always believed that the problem of L&D is not about more theory or technology -  although there is a place for that. Real learning is about changing behaviors else we are merely downloading information for awareness. Most leadership & business skills are caught rather than taught. As such, gamification through game based learning provides the perfect opportunity for learners to apply what they learn, see how the environment reacts and get feedback on their choices.

Can you tell me a little about your journey to the award, how you got there, who was important to the process and your application?

We’ve heard about Gamification Europe before, and when we saw that there were awards, we knew we could not let it pass. We had to wait 1 whole year as the competition was closed when we first found out about it. We let the Business Development team take charge with close cooperation from the gamification design team. We resolved that we would do our utmost best to win – and not just participate for the sake of it. We spent a lot of effort in doing the video in-house and many people have said it looks like it was professionally made in a production house.

Since winning the award, how have you seen your business grow?

We have doubled our client base and in position to almost double our revenue this year. We’ve also expanded to 6 countries through by licensing out our solutions to partners around the SEA region.

Have you noticed a difference in how international your business is now vs how it was before winning the award?

We’ve always been focused internationally and winning the award merely helped to provide confidence to customers especially outside of our home base in Malaysia.

What have you been up to since winning the award?

We’ve been busy growing – new clients, new partnerships, new products, new challenges and new learning.

What causes would you like to support in the near or far future?

We would like to see more gamification being used to train young leaders (especially teenagers and children) from disadvantaged backgrounds. We’re in the midst of looking into that.

What are the future plans for Think Codex?

In a few months’ time, we are venturing into Europe. Our dream is to continue pushing our own standards to be able to be recognised among our peers, the community and clients.

What are the future areas of research to extend your work?

We are focusing on Habit Building, Behavioural Science and deeper game mechanics.

How will you continue to promote gamification as a winner of The Gamification Awards?

We continue to let people know the power of gamification through talks, articles and also our daily dealings with clients.

What advice would you give to someone considering entering the 2019 awards?

Go for it – if anything else, it helps for you to consolidate your internal design standards and get the team excited to work on new things. Winning the award would be a nice icing on the cake.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Andrew from Think Codex. If it has inspired you to enter your project to any of our categories and become a winner of the 2019 edition of The Gamification Award then click the link below!


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