Outstanding Gamification Awards 2018

17th September 2018

GEU Morning Coffee

We are delighted to announce that the Outstanding Gamification Awards 2018 are going to be presented during our conference. We try and organise these awards every year to bring the best of the gamification industry and research to light. This year we have seven categories that you can apply for. Some of them have been introduced this year as we wanted wider participation and some are returning categories.  We are super thankful for the awards sponsors for supporting our awards and helping us turn them into a reality. A huge thanks also goes to Michael Wu who helped us organise and structure the awards and the process.  Check out the categories and start thinking about your submissions! 

Award Categories

Outstanding Gamification Rookie

The award for Outstanding Gamification Rookie is going to be sponsored by SelfDrvn. This year we want to motivate gamification professionals that are new to the industry to be part of our community. An industry that does not attract new people will eventually wither away and we don’t want that to happen. This award will go to the individual who has joined the industry during the past 12 months and managed to deliver an outstanding project or spread the word about gamification far and wide.  

Outstanding Gamification 

 Sponsored by ChainCubed, this category is a returning category that aims to showcase the best platforms for implementing gamification and making an impact on organisations and people.    

Outstanding Gamification Research

PlayVisit, the sponsors of the Outstanding Gamification Research award are looking for research papers that have enhanced the educational, commercial and general usage of gamification. Research is all about making sure that we document what worked well and what didn’t. That is very important for a developing industry like gamification.

Outstanding Gamification for Inclusion and Diversity

The Inclusion and Diversity Award is to recognise an individual or team's contribution and impact in promoting and improving accessibility, inclusivity and diversity through applied gamification.  This award is sponsored by Gamification Nation.

Outstanding Gamification Project in Audience Engagement

Sponsored by 3radical, this award will go to a marketing project that displays the power of gamification in spreading a company’s message to a wide audience. We want to see impressive engagement and clear impact from the campaign.   

Outstanding Gamification Project in Learning

This award seeks to recognise excellent use of gamification that has achieved a sustainable, measurable and positive impact for learning. 

How It Works

GEU Awards 2019

What you need to do:

  1. Press the button below that will take you to the awards submission platform
  2. Read the instructions on the right hand side
  3. Select "Enter the Competition" from the top menu
  4. Choose the category you want to compete in (you can compete only in ONE category)
  5. Create a 3 minute video and upload it on Youtube
  6. Fill in all the details in the application form including a link to the video presenting your project 
  7. Deadline to submit is 18 of October. 

How are you going to be judged?

There will be two phases in the judging process. 

  1.  Phase one includes a popular vote on your video and a vote from the judges that will be both taken into account in order to decide on 3 submissions from every category that will be the finalists. If you make it to the finalists you will get an email explaining what you need to do and if not you will get an email informing you about that as well. The finalists will be announced October 26. 
  2. Phase two includes voting from the judges only and the results will be announced at the awards dinner on the 26 of November at the end of the first day of Gamification Europe. 

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