​​Interview with ​Arkadiusz Siechowicz from ​Westhill Consulting

​18th September 2019

Winning an Award


We caught up with one of our winners of the The Gamification Awards, Arkadiusz Siechowicz from Westhill Consulting!

Westhill support many processes from on-boarding, through the implementation of managerial competences, customer experience management to talent management. Westhill support serious topics with energy and engagement through their gamification platform Gamehill.

Westhill Logo

In 2018, Westhill won the Outstanding Gamification Software Award … watch our interview below with Arkadiusz Siechowicz and hear how their business has progressed since winning the award and what he would say to anyone curious of entering our Awards!


Interview with Ercan Altu​ğ Yilmaz

​Hello to all Gamification lovers! I am a gamification expert and academic from Turkey, Istanbul. I focus on education and technology and have done for more than ten years. For the past five years I have been focusing on my gamification expertise.

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Benefits of Entering Awards

​Awards are a great way to get yourself, your business or your idea noticed. Now, what can be bad about that? ​

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​Claire Potter Interview

Last week we caught up with one of our amazing judges for the Gamification in Sustainability award…Claire Potter! Here we ask her questions such as what is she looking for in an award entry & what is her favourite game...?

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Interview with Yu-kai Chou

Yu-kai was nominated by his peers to win the Outstanding Gamification Guru award… watch our interview below with Yu-kai and hear how it felt to win the award and what his advice would be to people who are considering entering the awards!

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