Gamification Judge Michiel van Eunen

10th December 2019


Introducing one of our wonderful judges for The Gamification Awards... Michiel van Eunen! We're so pleased to have him on board as a judge for our Gamification in Marketing Award.

​In his own words, Michiel tells us a little more about himself...

"I started out working for Libertel / Vodafone in the early days of mobile phones. Later on I shifting to retail (BelCompany), until I was hipped away by a training & consultancy firm (Retail Result) that saw me performing for a group of sales-peers. In the next 5 years I trained employees of different retailers. My training sessions became notorious for being ‘hard fun’.

Around 2005 I started my own event company (Living Story), continuing to develop and perform events & games with groups of people. Early on we used state-of-the-art mobile technology to play location-based city games with the first smartphones. Day after day I experienced the fun, the engagement and the potential of playing with about any group you can think of. After a few years I started a spin-off company (Beleef! Teamtraining) focusing on game based learning & serious games.

I started to share my experiences and good & bad practices within the gamification community and on talks & conferences around gamification and game-based learning. In 2015 I started as gamification designer at Performance Solutions, where I apply gamification and game-based learning for clients (for many different purposes) ranging from LEGO Serious Play to pop-up Escape Rooms."

To find out more about Michiel enjoy our interview below!

Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do...

I’m an experience designer / escape room designer / gamification designer from the Netherlands.
I make games. (Serious games, company games, business games, team games, training games, kick-offs & ARG’s). I also design EscapeRoom and I share my experiences wherever I can whether that be at conferences, workshops & strategic sessions with companies. 

What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date?

In the last 15 years I’ve designed over 50 game-based experiences, and more than 25 escape rooms. One of my favourite projects is ‘The Hunt’; a gamified project that I ran for the first time in 2004 (it wasn’t called Gamification around that time), where we engaged over 1000 retail workers in a four-week-real-time-crossmedia adventure, training them in commercial- and customer service skills.

​What organisations or charities have you been supporting recently?

With Living Story we work for both commercial companies and non-profit organizations. Recently we’ve been working for the Dutch Building Association, Urban planners and the organization of traffic safety.

​Why have you decided to join in on The Gamification Awards and become a judge for 2019?

Judging requires both experience and a good understanding of gamification. I have a bit of both.

How does it feel to be judging our awards this year?

I’m honoured.

​You and your fellow judges have the task of choosing the winners - what are you looking for in an award entry? What will catch your eye?

I’m looking for fresh and new initiatives. I love to be inspired by great thinking. For me it’s not (just) about the results. Great ideas may inspire others to apply gamification in a fresh way.

​What excites you about gamification and the awards?

Playing should be exciting. With the reward I hope to recognise ideas that trigger playfulness, fun and joy. It should be at the heart of the entries. Looking for that and being inspired by great efforts makes my happy.

​Why do you think entering awards are important?

With your gamification solution / idea / project you can be a great inspiration to others. To me it’s not the most important that your project had a massive success. What matter to me, is that you used gamification in the first place. The more use cases we get, the higher the social proof. The more stories, the more knowledge about what works and what not. So, don’t just share successes.

​What would you say to someone who is dubious of entering the awards?

#1 Just do it!
#2 You are an inspiration to others
#3 You are a hero!

Finally, what is your favourite game?

Myst - without a doubt!

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