Meet Marigo Raftopoulos

27th November 2019


We caught up with one of our amazing judges for the Gamification Software and HR Award…Marigo Raftopoulos!

Find out more about Marigo and her background by reading our interview with her below!


Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do...

My work is in business strategy, innovation and digital transformation, and I’ve been focusing on technology startups and enterprise systems over the last few years.

What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date?

My current ones are unbelievably cool – one is with a digital bank startup focused on clean banking and carbon offsets, the other is on how the future of work will be shaped by the augmentation of human and artificial intelligence.

​What organisations or charities have you been supporting recently?

I’ve stepped up my environmental activism as its pretty clear global leadership in this regard is lacking and it’s up to each and every-one of us to make a difference.

​Why have you decided to join in on The Gamification Awards and become a judge for 2019?

Two major reasons: I have access to a lot of best practice research that doesn’t seem to have hit the mass market of software developers, so this way I can provide some feedback and steer them in the right direction. Second reason is that I love the crew at Gamification Europe – I’ve enjoyed their friendship and support over the years and totally respect the awesome work they do.

How does it feel to be not only a judge for one award, but two of our awards?!

I’m honoured... aaand I just realised how much more work I’ve taken on!

​You and your fellow judges have the task of choosing the winners - what are you looking for in an award entry? What will catch your eye?

Apart from the criteria the judges will be required to use, these things will be front of mind for me:

Ethical design: Have dark design patterns been used to manipulate the user e.g. gambling mechanics, and are we compromising any other ethical issues?

User Autonomy: Does this software build user autonomy and agency or is the user relegated to an extension of the machine?

Goal achievement: Does the software deliver the business outcomes that it was designed to do?

Operational Excellence: Usability, user support, system quality, data management, system integration need to be top notch.

​What excites you about gamification and the awards?

Gamification has become an important tool in helping humanise technology and business strategy and these awards are a way to not only recognise talent in our industry, but to help lift industry standards and best practice.  

​Why do you think entering awards are important?

This is a great opportunity for developers to showcase their work and get direct feedback from the judges who are experts in the field.

​What would you say to someone who is dubious of entering the awards?

#1 Do it! You really have nothing to lose.
#2 Put yourself out there and get noticed; we’re all here to support each other.
#3 Challenge yourself and your team to industry feedback; we want to see you succeed.

Finally, what is your favourite game?

Journey, by far. It has all the feels.

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