Our 2019 Judge - Dominique Mangiatordi

22nd November 2019


We caught up with one of our amazing judges for the Gamification in Education & Learning, HR and Marketing Award… Dominique Mangiatordi!

Dominique is a serial entrepreneur working in gamification since 2001. He founded Globule Bleu, an advertainment agency sold to Publicis, then was CEO of HomeAdvisor France before founding ØPP, a startup studio specialised in gamification. 

ØPP incubates several gamification startups like Peak Me Up (a sales animation app), Seeya (a gamified Tinder for business) and Hunterz (a referral recruitment game) and Business Royale (a micro learning quiz platform). 

He also teaches in Digital Marketing, Engagement Techniques and Gamification at Solvav Business School (Vietnam), EDHEC (Paris) and HEC (Lieqe).


Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do...

I am a Belgian digital marketer and an entrepreneur, working on engagement techniques and digital journeys for years. I founded a startup studio – ØPP – totally focused on gamification and human focused design projects.

What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date?

KidCity! Several years ago, we created a virtual city for kids between 6-12. All houses where thematic and mixing learning with fun. For example, the Police Station was sponsored by national police to propose games to help children understand the basic safety rules.

​What organisations or charities have you been supporting recently?

Lots of different ones, but I like helping CIAM – a disruptive circus in South of France – organizing hackathons around gamification and art.

​Why have you decided to join in on The Gamification Awards and become a judge for 2019?

I was forced to. I received a very threatening anonymous letter from Ella Gilchrist.

A comment from Ella...

"I promise we're a friendly bunch here!"

How does it feel to be not only a judge for one award, but two of our awards?!

It feels like asking for an ice-cream and getting to eat three of them. Pure happiness!

​You and your fellow judges have the task of choosing the winners - what are you looking for in an award entry? What will catch your eye?

I am really focused on processes. I like gamification when it helps making a process more engaging. I will mainly look at how the candidates will find the most practical/efficient way to make gamification work, with results.

​What excites you about gamification and the awards?

Gamification is one of the most fascinating angles to understand human psychology. I really believe that games, and our behaviour when we play, are the best personality tests. Ever.

​Why do you think entering awards are important?

Gamification Europe and the Gamification Awards are really key international moments and events. Very professional with the best experts and professionals around! It's a must.

​What would you say to someone who is dubious of entering the awards?

#1 Why are you so grumpy?
#2 There's a qualified audience to reach.
#3 It's a fantastic way to test and challenge your project.

Finally, what is your favourite game?

Stormbound, a chess-like mobile deck game. Try it and enjoy becoming an addict.

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