Introducing Bernardo Letayf

3rd December 2019


Introducing... Bernardo Letayf! This year, Bernardo will be judging our Gamification Software Award after winning this category in 2017! His business, BLUErabbit will also be the official sponsors of the Software Award 2019.

Enjoy our interview with Bernardo below and find out what he'll be looking for in an award and how it feels to be invited as a judge to our awards this year.


Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do...

I am a gamification expert developing BLUErabbit as a weapon to destroy the currently broken education system.

What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date?

Designing a gamification course for HyperionX through Perrion where I get to use a block-chain gamified system!

​What organisations or charities have you been supporting recently?

Unfortunately none… We have been busy developing BLUErabbit and haven’t had much time for organisations. We do have a couple of meetings in February...

​Why have you decided to join in on The Gamification Awards and become a judge for 2019?

I just want to share with the community as much as they have shared with me. I know the value the awards hold and how much you can grow thanks to them and believe there are a lot of great players out there that just need an extra push!

How does it feel to be a judge of our Awards this year as a previous winner?

It's awesome to be able to come back! Being able to give back again this year made us very happy. I'd love to see other winners as judges too, so then we can show how much impact the awards have in your professional life. 

​You and your fellow judges have the task of choosing the winners - what are you looking for in an award entry? What will catch your eye?

Results, good gamification and heart. Last year we saw how using the tool yourself to develop projects turn in fantastic results. It’s not just about selling the tools but how they are being used. Good gamification doesn’t require millions.

​What excites you about gamification and the awards?

Pretty much everything! I am a huge gamification geek so I love learning about what everyone is doing so whenever I have to speak in public I can show that my ideas aren’t isolated and there is a whole lot of people in the planet finding better ways to motivate us and achieve greatness!

​Why do you think entering awards are important?

Because of the outcome. I know I’ve said this a lot but, really, 7 investment offers overnight isn’t something I would’ve believed possible before.

​What would you say to someone who is dubious of entering the awards?

#1 Shut
#2 Up
#3 And Enter.

Finally, what is your favourite game?

Chrono Cross - by a lot!
The top 10 list is awesome, but Chrono Cross is Top Zero.

As a previous winner of The Gamification Awards we interviewed Bernardo Letayf to find out how winning the awards changed BLUErabbit and what it meant to him to win! Our chat with Bernardo was truly inspiring and we hope his success can entice you to enter and see how The Gamification Awards could help you and your business. BLUErabbit are also official sponsors of the Gamification Software Award - the possibilities are endless when you enter our awards and we love to invite people back who have excelled since winning or participating in the awards!

Watch our interview with Bernardo below...

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