Gamification Judge Andrzej Marczewski

6th December 2019


We caught up with one of our amazing judges for the Gamification in HR and Marketing Award… Andrzej Marczewski!

Andrzej Marczewski is a Gamification Solution Designer and Consultant at Motivait as well as an author on the subject. Over the last 8 years in the industry he has become recognised as a world expert in gamification, especially around the topic of gamification mechanics and user types.

Find out more about Andrzej and read our interview below!


Tell us a little more about yourself and what you do...

I am a gamification solution consultant at Motivait. I essentially focus on how to improve participation, motivation and engagement in organisations using games and gamification. I have been involved in the industry since about 2011/2012 as an author on the subject, speaker, designer and consultant. I am probably best known in the industry for creating the User Types HEXAD, a user and player type model for gamification, similar to Bartle’s player types for MMOs. I’ve published a few books on gamification, Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play being the best known and also blog most weeks on the topic over at

What has been your favourite project you've worked on to date?

That is a tough one, but I have to say that the most rewarding to date has been designing and working on an onboarding solution for Zebra Technologies. It is a great solution that has been getting superb feedback, proving how well thought out gamification can lead to meaningful engagement. It was even a finalist recently in two separate categories at the Engage Awards 2019.

​What organisations or charities have you been supporting recently?

One of the really exciting things I am doing at the moment is working with games industry veterans as part of the industry advisory board for the MSc Games Engineering course in Newcastle University, flying the flag for gamification with the next generations of games designers!

​Why have you decided to join in on The Gamification Awards and become a judge for 2019?

Having been in the industry a while now, I think that it is important to be involved in events like this. It is an opportunity to not only give back a little to the community that has supported me for years, but also to help shape the way gamification is represented to the public but making sure only the best projects and solutions get highlighted!

How does it feel to be not only a judge for one award, but two of our awards?!

It’s an honour to be asked to judge any awards like this, getting to judge on two categories just adds to that and makes it even more fun!

​You and your fellow judges have the task of choosing the winners - what are you looking for in an award entry? What will catch your eye?

First and foremost, I am looking for projects that address real world challenges in a unique, effective and fun way. Where possible it is always helpful to see the results, showing just how effective the project has been. 

​What excites you about gamification and the awards?

Gamification is a passion. I believe that games are the most efficient way to embed learning and change. They offer a chance for people to explore, test, break, fail, try again and really live an experience. If we can capture a fraction of that in our gamified solutions, we are getting it right and making things better for people.

​Why do you think entering awards are important?

Awards like this are an opportunity to highlight the best the industry has to offer. It is a way to celebrate excellence.

​What would you say to someone who is dubious of entering the awards?

#1 What is the worst that can happen? You don’t win, but you get the opportunity to get feedback and possibly understand how to make your project a winner next time!

#2 Be proud of your project and remember this is a great chance for us all to learn from each other – the gamification community can only get stronger if we all work together to share best practice in this kind of event.

#3 Everyone has an equal chance. The judges are not biased towards any particular entry, we all just want to see what you have and how it stacks up against other projects.

Finally, what is your favourite game?

That changes on a daily basis. I am enjoying playing Lego Batman and Minecraft with my kids on our ancient Xbox 360 at the moment!

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