Catching Up with Playful Solutions - Gamification in HR Award Winner

It has been an exciting time here at The Gamification Awards HQ and we are so pleased that we can share with you our interview with  the Gamification in HR Award winners, Playful Solutions! As with all our winners we caught up with Konstantin to find out how it felt to be announced as winners and what this meant for their gamified platform.

Playful Solutions is a Game Design Agency based in Vienna, Austria working with partners all over the globe. They create play experiences that challenge people to discover more about themselves, others and the world.
They work with organisations to turn their ideas, projects or challenges into custom-made play experiences. They bring a playful approach to game concept design, process support and product development and combine ground-breaking game design techniques with an entrepreneurial mindset. The Digital Discovery Space is a training multiplayer experience developed for BMW's training centre in Munich, Germany in 2019. The brief was to create an immersive experience at the BMW headquarters, that focuses on the impact and usage of data analytics and big data for BMW employees.

To find out more about Playful Solutions, find them on social media below!

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