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Announcing the First Award Category for 2019!

9th August 2019

You may or may not have seen that we have officially announced our first award category…
Gamification in Sustainability!

Extinction Rebellion

Changing our behaviours, as well as other peoples can be hard…but this is where gamification can come in to play! Gamification can used in a way to encourage people to become more aware of their actions and help motivate them to live more sustainably. As Gianluca Sgueo wrote for Medium, “through friendly and captivating designs and the use of digital platforms, gamified strategies may potentially enhance citizens’ support of climate change causes.”

Fashion Revolution

For the Gamification in Sustainability Award 2019, we are looking for award entries that have applied gamification to improve sustainability. The winner of the Gamification in Sustainability Award will have used and applied gamification into a system to help with environmental problems or issues. Applicants should also be able to prove how their system has helped have a positive impact on the environment. Not only will we be looking at how effective your system is, we will also be looking closely at the design. Playful designs with creative choices and implementations of game elements will also stand out to our judges!

Entrants can be individuals, teams or organisations from anywhere in the world…
We can’t wait to see your submissions, so don’t delay in applying!

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