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The Gamification Awards Winners 2019

Here we bring to you our winners of The Gamification Awards 2019. Carefully chosen by our expert judges, we were blown away by the entries to our awards this year. If you're interested in applying for The Gamification Awards 2020, sign up to our newsletter to receive updates. Congratulations to our 2019 finalist and winners! 

Winners Badges

Gamification Software Award 2019 

The Gamification Software Award category​ aimed to showcase the best platforms for implementing gamification and making an impact on organisations and people.

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Gamification in Education & Learning Award 2019

The  Gamification in Education & Learning Award was looking for award entries that have used gamification to improve learning and education. This award aims to seek and recognise excellent use of gamification that has achieved a sustainable, measurable and positive impact for learning.

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 Gamification in HR Award 2019

The Gamification in HR Award aims to recognise where gamification has been used to great effect to help in employee engagement, recruitment, retention, induction, well-being, innovation, productivity, culture change and leadership. 

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 Gamification in Sustainability Award 2019

We were looking for award entries that have applied gamification to improve sustainability. Successful entries will be able to show real and tangible positive outcomes for sustainability and the environment. 

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Creative Bloom Sponsor the Sustainability Award

Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 1

Today, I am delighted to announce the Outstanding Gamification Awards presented by Gamification Europe. I am also privileged and honoured to be asked to chair and be a judge for this year’s award.

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Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 2

Last time, we kicked off this award by outlining the 7 categories of awards this year and specifying the submission requirement. Today, it’s time to dive into the details and talk about how you can win. 

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Gamification Europe 2018 Awards: Act 3

The Outstanding Gamification Awards: Part 3—The Grand Finale Over the past couple of weeks, we have kick-started the open submission for these Outstanding Gamification Awards.

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The Outstanding Gamification Awards Finalists 2018

After approximately 3 weeks of scoring and hard work, my esteem panel of judges have finally chosen the finalists for the Outstanding Gamification Awards 2018 (OGA). 

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