Gamification in HR Award

The Gamification in HR Award aims to recognise where gamification has been used to great effect to help in employee engagement, recruitment, retention, induction, well-being, innovation, productivity, culture change and leadership. This award is not limited to these categories but should be used as an indicator of the types of subjects that can be covered in this award. 

Entries can be for digital and/or analogue projects. Entrants can be individuals, teams or organisations from anywhere in the world.


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The Gamification in HR Award 2019 Winners

Judging Criteria



The winner of the Gamification in HR Award has conducted  a successful gamification project that enhances subjects such as employee engagement, employment processes or well-being. Entrants will be able to detail their approach to gamification and show how and why they chose the gamification elements that were used.

The winning project will be an exemplar of good gamification design.



Has your project worked?

We will be looking for a  proven positive impact on employee engagement and ways the gamification platform aids in HR. We will also be looking at the effectiveness of the project for the amount of effort and money put into the project (Return on Investment). 

The winning project will be an inspiration to others to apply gamification to HR practices. 



Is your project novel and inventive?

We will be looking for playful designs with creative choices and implementations of game elements. We will also be looking at how the game elements  are themed within the project and how immersive the design or narrative is.

The winning project will be striking and attract lots of attention.

Entry Requirements

For more information on the entry requirements and instructions on what you need to enter The Gamification Awards Gamification in HR Award please read through the FAQ page.


Westhill Consulting

Arkadiusz Siechowicz

Westhill Consulting

Arkadiusz Siechowicz is one the founders of Gamehill - Gamified Learning Platforms. With his team they are winners of Outstanding Gamification Award as well as Best international implementation of Gamified learning solution form London's Learning Technology Awards.

Arek is passionate about the role gamification can play in society, especially in making learning fun. With many corporate clients including Deloitte, Orange, and Santander Bank, he has a good view at the present corporate learning & gamification market.

Dominique Mangiatordi


Dominique is a serial entrepreneur working in gamification since 2001. He founded Globule Bleu, an advertainment agency sold to Publicis, then was CEO of HomeAdvisor France before founding ØPP, a startup studio specialised in gamification. 

ØPP incubates several gamification startups like Peak Me Up (a sales animation app), Seeya (a gamified Tinder for business) and Hunterz (a referral recruitment game) and Business Royale (a micro learning quiz platform). 

He also teaches in Digital Marketing, Engagement Techniques and Gamification at Solvav Business School (Vietnam), EDHEC (Paris) and HEC (Lieqe).

Marigo Raftopoulus

Strategic Business Advisor

Marigo is a strategic business advisor specialising in enterprise innovation and digital transformation. Marigo is the founder and CEO of the Strategic Innovation Lab, and is also an advisor to several technology incubators and start-ups, as well as an advisor on the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Agenda. Marigo works with a wide range of global clients in accelerating innovation and organisational development using the tools of engagement that are fundamental to speculative design, futures thinking and gamification. Marigo holds a PhD in enterprise gamification and has created the popular Gamification Design Sprint methodology. Her current focus is on how organisations can augment human and artificial intelligence as a driver of the future innovation potential of teams, organisations, and the future of work. 

Toby Beresford

Gamification Guru

Toby works as gamification consultant and founder of GamFed, the Gamification Gurus list and infinite gamification platform. Gamification clients include PWC, IBM and the United Nations. His latest gamified project is the "Running World Cup" where everyone gets to run for their country.

Mac Karlekar

Top 100 Transformation Leader

Strategic thinker with technical solution-oriented mindset, Mac has extensive experience in Business and IT transformation globally. Recognised as top 100 Transformation Leaders out of 23K strong Accenture’s global digital workforce. Mac is skilled in providing strategic and technology advisory services, executing, spearheading, and delivering cross-functional transformation programmes & managing/improving end-to-end journeys (customers, employees) using advanced techniques like Gamification. Mac has worked with no.1 digital agency (Accenture), top tier-1 consulting firm (Deloitte),  top IT vendors with big global companies like Nestle, Deutsche Bank, BP, Tesco, Moet Hennessy, Barclays & Gatwick Airport.

Feel free to connect with Mac here.


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