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What Are The Gamification Awards?

The Gamification Awards are a global awards for the gamification industry. ​​The awards are judged by industry experts for their design, creativity and utility. The award goes to the companies and individuals who are excelling in their field.

The awards will be running every year and we will be bringing the best of the gamification industry and research to the stage and putting them under the spotlight. ​Interested in gaining international acclaim? Consider applying now.

Our Previous Judges

​Bernardo Letayf

​Winner of the 2017 Award for 'Outstanding Gamification Software'.

​Yu Kai Chou

Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification Guru', 'Outstanding Gamification Community' and 'Outstanding Gamification Project' 2017

​Gustavo Tondello

​Winner of 'Outstanding Gamification ​Research' in 2017

2018 Awards

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Outstanding Gamification

​Awarded to the individual or company new to the industry who were able to deliver a successful project within the past 12 months.

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​Outstanding Gamification Software

​Awarded to the individual or company that delivered a piece of gamified software which created great engagement.

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Outstanding Gamification Research

​Awarded to the project​​ that enhanced the educational, commercial and general usage of gamification. Crucial in the relationship between practice-based and science-based research.

​Did you know?

  • How can you sponsor an award? You can find out more information on our sponsors page.
  • You can suggest an idea for an award category. Find out more on our Award Categories pages.
  • ​The ent​ry for the awards opens soon. You can sign up using the opt-in box below to get updates.

​The Gamification Awards - 2019

​Interested in learning more about our upcoming 2019 event? ​

Previous Awards

We have run the awards in various forms since 2017. In 2019, it is the first year the awards are being run as it's own event. 


​​Sponsors for the 2019 edition of ​The Gamification Awards ​are still being hand-picked.​


​​Our ​esteemed judges are the keen eyes ​that help us work out who the rising stars in the gamification industry are.